Globalization not realm for dictators

Dictatorship has no future in Africa, former President John Agyekum Kufuor has said.

The former President says the continent cannot thrive politically, socially, and economically if Africans are subjected to despotism.

Mr. Kufuor said any attempt by leaders in Africa not to give room for the freedom of the citizenry will stifle progress in the sub-region.

“Everybody is clamouring for identity. Everyone wants to be counted but we all matter. Some leaders think they will be there forever, but their ways are not the ways of the rapidly evolving world. Globalization is not going to be the realm of dictators. It is going to be the realm of human beings and human beings will not accept to be held down,” he said in an interview on The Point of View on Citi TV.

Talking about how African leaders could rather take advantage of rapid globalization, the former President advised African leaders to abreast themselves with geographical factors influencing international relations.



For him, the era where the western world manipulated and tapped into Africa’s resources is long gone and as such, bilateral relations should now be geared towards mutual benefits.

“Our leaders must be well versed in geopolitics. We talk about adversarial relationships between countries and at the same time caught in the globalization process. There is no escape route. The globe is now one market. Now all the countries with advanced technology are zooming into Africa, and we are living with all these forces who come in with the temptation of bribery and inducement. We shouldn’t accept that”, Kufour said.

In the case of Ghana, he said the pre-independence period saw the country being disadvantaged in the area of business because it had very little power or say in how the ownership structure of companies should be but with the country being sovereign now, it can make laws to boost local content in foreign-owned companies.

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