Museums and Monuments Board appeals for help to protect Asante Traditional buildings

Picture credit: Thierry Joffroy/ © CRA-terre.

The Ashanti Regional office of the National Museums and Monuments Board is calling on the public to help protect all the eleven identified heritage sites in the region for posterity and economic development.

In 1980, UNESCO declared eleven Asante Traditional buildings as World Heritage sites.

The buildings that housed some important traditional symbols such as the Adinkra are to be protected and preserved to serve as a source of unity, pride, tradition and culture.

To this end, the French Embassy is supporting the Museums and monuments board financially to undertake this important national project.

The Ashanti Regional Director of the National Museums and Monuments Board, Francis Kwarayire in an interview told GBC News that one such building that needs to be protected is the Prempeh the First edifice.

By: Thomas Nsowah Adjei.

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