Need for politicians to embrace teamwork


Son of Yaw Osafo-Maafo, Senior Presidential Advisor to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is reported to have announced his employment with the newly established Dzata Cement Company Limited. The fully-owned Ghanaian cement manufacturing company, owned by Ibrahim Mahama, the younger brother of former President, John Dramani Mahama, commenced production with three million tons of cement annually. The announcement was made when the Trade Minister, Alan Kyerematen, paid a day’s working visit to the more than a 100-million-dollarproduction facility located on a 10-acre land near the Tema Port earlier this week.

Dr Jones Kay Maafo, we are informed, joined the Dzata Cement Company Limited as an in-house medical officer Occupational Safety and Health Instructor and Medical Logistic Manager. Mr. Maafo in a tweet on social media, expressed his gratitude to Ibrahim Mahama, stressing that he would forever be grateful to him for that position to work and learn from him.  Dr Marfo asked people to help grow the business particularly since it is the only one owned by a Ghanaian. He brought the Dzata cement to this country, forget that he is an NDC or NPP, he is a Ghanaian, he tweeted.

Born on January 29, 1971, Ibrahim Mahama is a Ghanaian businessman and founder of Engineers and Planners, the largest indigenous-owned mining company in West Africa and owner of several other businesses in Ghana. The good news we are hearing is that, since the opening of the cement factory, a number of high-profile personalities within the NPP, have commended Mr. Mahama for this great feat despite his affiliation with the opposition NDC. Among admirers who have also praised his laudable initiative are Mr. Alan Kyerematen, Gabby Otchere-Darko and the father of Kay, Yaw Osafo-Maafo.

Indeed, this show of appreciation and acknowledgment is a reflection of what true and selfless Ghanaians have to demonstrate, irrespective of political affiliations to advance the course of democracy in the country. The factory is indeed a laudable project in view of the rocketing prices of cement on the open market due to high cost of production.  It will indeed, encourage competition among other producers, thereby bringing down the current prices of the product which is above 50 Cedis on the market. This is the time for Ghanaians especially our politicians to do away with pettiness, selfishness, nepotism and other parochial interests which are inimical to our progress and survival and instead, cultivate a sense of unity and purpose and to develop a purposeful drive towards nationalism, cohesion and progress.

In spite of our political differences, there is an urgent call on us to rally behind our national flag by engaging in issues based on support, hard work and perseverance because after all we have one nation with a common destiny. Even though the factory has been established by an NDC member, its total benefits will be to the country and not the interest of only the NDC party or any particular group of people. That is why it will need the total support of all Ghanaians to make the project better. Our politicians need to remember that for the prosperity of Ghana we need to move together as a team to build our dear nation.  We need to pray for a change of heart and attitude to enable this country to prosper. Good governance is not only about good ideas and good politics, it also needs unity within political parties, government and public service.

Unity is, however, something that has to be worked for in the real world of interest, ambition and ideology. Let us not allow politics of division and vindictiveness to affect our way of living because that can be detrimental to our fledgling democracy and have serious consequences on the nation. Ghanaians are by nature peace-loving people and we care about each other. Let us continue to hold this principle of togetherness and fellow feeling among ourselves. The shining example of Mr Mahama should inspire other potential business men and women to take advantage to set up small scale businesses in this country to absorb the teaming unemployed youths, irrespective of party affiliations to stem the tide of the unemployment situation in this country.

By: Charles Neequaye, a Journalist.

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