‘Forget about him’ – DCOP Opare Addo brushes off allegations by National Security Boss

In what seems like a relationship gone bad between a superior and his subordinate, the embattled Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP), Ayensu Opare Addo, has rejected some claims by the acting National Security Coordinator, General Francis Adu Amanfo (rtd), in relation to his forceful removal from office.

General Francis Adu Amanfo (rtd), has among other things stated that DCOP Opare Addo is due to handover to a new person following the expiration of his tenure of office, but had refused do that.

He also claimed that the account of DCOP Opare Addo suggesting that he was treated unreasonably by the national security operatives is not accurate, insisting that he was not handcuffed.

While speaking to the media, General Francis Adu Amanfo (rtd) described the issues raised by the embattled Regional Security Coordinator as vicious.

But in reaction to his superior on Citi Eyewitness News on Tuesday, DCOP Opare Addo said his supervisor should not be taken seriously because of his lack of facts on the development.

“He [National Security Boss] is making those propositions, so he should come out with his findings. My allegations are not vicious. Forget about him, and I am not worried about him. I know the guys who came to my office. They are Delta Force members that I know by face and names. He said I have been in office for years, so clearly, he doesn’t know what he is saying”, he said on Eyewitness News on Tuesday.

Major General Adu Amanfo (rtd) literally defended the forceful removal of DCOP Opare Addo from office.

He made a point that the tenure of DCOP Opare Addo has expired, but he has refused to vacate his post, adding that, his contract was not renewed as a result of  “non-performance and criminality”

“He had no locus to be in the office because a new officer had been appointed, and he should have handed over to the officer, and he says he won’t hand over. So that is why a team was sent from Accra to go and mitigate and facilitate the handing, and takeover process,” Major General Adu Amanfo (rtd) noted.

According to him, DCOP Opare Addo was never arrested and handcuffed by the national security operatives.

However, when asked a specific question in response to claims that he was not handcuffed as he earlier narrated, DCOP Opare Addo replied saying; “leave him [Major General] alone. He wasn’t in my office”.


Last Tuesday, a group of persons alleged to be part of the supposed disbanded pro-NPP vigilante group, the Delta Force, were arrested for allegedly attempting to forcibly remove the Regional Security Coordinator from his office.

The group stormed the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council purporting to be security officials.

DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo (rtd) disclosed that members of the supposed disbanded vigilante group, Delta Force, are working as National Security operatives.

After suffering the assault at the hands of persons who identified themselves as operatives of National Security, he told Citi News that he personally identified two of the operatives who arrested him, as members of the supposed disbanded group.

DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo (rtd) also recounted his ordeal at the hands of his attackers and questioned the reasonability of the treatment meted out to him.

“I was the one they attacked. They handcuffed me and hit me with an AK-47. I don’t know why a reasonable and sensible senior operative of the National Security will direct junior officers to come and attack me when they can call me and handle this matter reasonably,” DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo disclosed.

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