June 3 disaster: What has changed as rainy season approaches?

June 3, 2015, etched on national records for wrong reasons, partly the force of nature and partly man-made. Dubbed Black Wednesday in Ghana, the twin fire and flood disaster on a wet evening left dozens dead and others with permanent disability.

June 3, is a day that carries a lot of sorrow and anguish among Ghanaians. It was a day about one hundred and fifty lives were lost in the most gruesome manner often termed the twin disaster. The city of Accra came to a standstill and Ghana was left in tears as fire and flood cut short the lives of its citizens. Six years down memory lane, GBC Radio news is posing the question, what has changed as the rainy season approaches? GBC’s Ewurabena Paha in this feature reports from the Kwame Nkrumah Circle where the twin disaster happened.

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