Ghanaian develops digital transformation framework for business owners

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, various businesses have been finding ways of adopting the use of affordable modern technologies in ensuring business growth.

However, having access to the right systems or approaches to spur business growth appears to be a challenge for many large, small and medium-scale businesses in Ghana.

In a bid to address this, a Management Information Systems consultant, Samuel Anim-Yeboah, has created a digital framework for businesses that makes it easier to effectively achieve the intended outcomes of a business.

As part of his Ph.D. thesis, Samuel Anim-Yeboah has designed the Drivers-Processes-Capabilities-Impact Framework, which he believes is the missing link for Ghanaian businesses, especially those seeking to achieve digital transformation for their businesses.

Speaking to some members of the business community in Kumasi, he explained that the digital framework takes into account factors that help businesses achieve their intended outcomes.

“This framework guides you to achieve your intended and desired outcomes for your business by helping you to look at the specific drivers or the specific motivation that you need to pursue. Also, if I am pursuing these motivations, what corresponding processes should be optimised or emphasised to make sure I am able to achieve those objectives. Within those processes, what competencies do I have and need? What resources do I have and what resources do I not have?”

He explains that the framework has worked perfectly for some companies and is thus urging other business owners to take advantage of it.

“This framework can be used by all types of businesses, especially SMEs who lack the needed resources and capacity. This has been tried and tested in about 3 companies and they have all been successful. This framework is designed to help you achieve your intended outcome for your business by looking at the specific motivators you need to pursue.”

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