V/R: Agavedzi tidal wave victims appeal for support

The Chiefs and people of Agavedzi, a fishing community in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region have appealed to the government to continue an abandoned sea defense project in the area to prevent further calamities by tidal waves on lives and properties.

Hundreds of people in the community have been displaced after their homes were destroyed by the waves last week.

They are therefore calling on the government to come to their aid to avert the perennial tidal waves from wiping out the entire community.

Perennial tidal waves have been a nightmare for residents of communities situated along the coast of the Volta Region. A sea defense project which spans from Blekusu to Adina coastlines began in 2016 but stalled at Agavedzi, the last but one community on the stretch in 2019.

Apart from Agavedzi, neighbouring communities along the coast, such as Salakorpe, Amutsinu and Adina were also badly hit by last week’s tidal waves. Several houses were in ruins when GBC News visited Agavedzi. An occurrence of another severe tidal wave in the community is likely to disconnect portions of the main Keta-Aflao road.

Residents who are mainly fisher folks and salt miners fear the next tidal waves will completely eliminate most parts of the community and thus endanger their livelihoods.

The Community’s Chief Fisherman, Koshivi Sorsorkpliwo said several appeals have been made to the government to resume the sea defense project have yielded no results. A Salt Miner, Clementine Tagbor said the salt business which has been the main occupation for women in the community for ages is threatened.

Residents affected by the disaster are yet to receive support from the National Disaster Management Organization, (NADMO).

Story filed by Elorm Aryee

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