Buy and sell your car in Ghana fast and easy

Imagine having a team of professionals do all the work involved in finding a car for you at the best price – all on your behalf! What about a team of professionals doing all the work involved in selling your car to a buyer at the best price – all on your behalf! This world exists, and it is managed by Tonaton Certified Cars.

Perhaps the most persistent problem when it comes to buying a used car in Ghana is finding a trustworthy vehicle (and seller) that you can buy and be sure that you won’t have to switch to a Trotro the following morning or be stuck on the way with a repair problem.

This is the exact problem Tonaton Certified Cars seeks to solve. The service assures parties of the authenticity of the transaction.

Over the years,, Ghana’s Largest Marketplace, has played a leading role where its platform connects car sellers and buyers throughout the country.

The company is ever-evolving and they are on a constant lookout for opportunities to smoothen the buying and selling process. Presently, their search has led them to an innovative service: Tonaton Certified Cars.

Tonaton Certified Cars is a service where directly finds cars for buyers. The service also takes on cars for sale. will provide professional pictures of the car in question and facilitate the transaction.

Worrying about payments? All Tonaton Certified Cars transactions are done through escrow, assuring buyers of the safety of their money and giving sellers an extra layer of confidence that they will receive full payment upon full authentication of documents and ratification of the deal.

How “Sell it for me” Works

How “Buy it for me” Works

Why Work with Tonaton Certified Cars?

  1. Credibility – is a registered company and has been in the car market for years.
  2. Expertise – Our years of experience will be brought to your benefit, buyer and seller alike.
  3. Avoid Fraud –  Avoid fraud by using a trusted service; Tonaton Certified Cars.
  4. Convenience – Relax and let sell/buy your car for you.

Want to sell your car fast? Or you want to buy a car through a trusted and stress-free system? Tonaton Certified Cars is here for you. Sign up now!

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