#CitiBusinessFestival: Use data on customers to improve service delivery

The Chief Technology Officer for IT Consortium, Ebo Anamoah Mensah, has advised businesses to use customers’ data collated from their backend digital platforms to improve their services.

Speaking on the Citi Business Festival 2021 edition on the topic. ‘Cashless Economy with Opportunities in Business and Commerce‘, Mr. Anamoah Mensah said a lot of businesses are not exploring customer data, thereby affecting the quality of service they render.

According to Mr. Mensah, who doubles as a Board Member of IT Consortium, investing in the right personnel who can analyze huge data sets is the key to unlock customer satisfaction.

“There are businesses that are sitting on huge rows of data, and they need to mine this and be able to take the opportunity of that to deliver better services. It could be even the kind of products that the customers are buying from them, so analyzing that data, you will know which product at which time of the year sells better, and so they can get out there. So it’s that system that they need to invest in; it includes the backend system that would allow them to analyze the data,” he said.

He advised that “having the point of sale and online service is great, but if you’re not collecting that information and generating insights from it, then you’re not doing much.”

The Chief Technology Officer for IT Consortium further explained that “when I order something, the comments when delivering will be, do you want us to leave our home or the office? It’s because they’ve done it. They’ve seen it; the data is there.”

Also, “a number of the point-of-sale solutions that exist provide analytics for you to make decisions on. Some of those systems that we provide as a company have such reports to allow you to figure out what’s really happening with your product or service. They are things one should take advantage of, it shouldn’t just be there,” he said.

Ghana, others in Africa may take 20-yrs to go fully cashless

Chief Technology Officer of IT Consortium also said, although Ghana is gradually becoming a “commonplace” for cashless transactions, it requires a few more years for it to be nationally adapted.

The Citi Business Festival is an extensive program of business events and on-air activities providing inspiration, business ideas, and information to persons who are starting, building, or growing their businesses.

This year’s edition is hinged on five thematic areas, namely:

Week 1: Digital Economy – Building a cashless society and the opportunities for business and job creation.

Week 2: Doing business in Ghana.

Week 3: AgriBusiness – Feeding Ghana with a sound import substitution strategy.

Week 4: Trade –  AfCFTA: Opportunities for investment & Job creation in Ghana.

Week 5: Oil and Gas  – The opportunities for indigenous businesses.

There will be virtual business fora live on Citi TV every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm for the entire month.

The radio on-air series, from Monday to Thursday on the Citi Breakfast Show, is themed to correspond with the virtual fora.

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