June 2, 2021 | GBC Ghana Online

The Daily Graphic urges the Ghana Education Service to properly structure the double track system to ensure students receive the best of education under current circumstances. The paper suggests the service works with parameters to have either one of the tracks at a particular period to prevent confusion. It calls for publication of dates for reopening, breaks and vacations at the beginning of every academic year to ensure students, teachers and parents are well prepared. The paper says for fairness to prevail no track must be made to stay longer in school than the other. The Graphic asks the Ghana Education Service and schools to agree on appropriate platforms to engage students who will be at home with online studies.


The Ghanaian Times calls on NADMO to solve flooding problems in the country. The paper is worried that it is at this time that the major construction of major storm drains and bridges to open up channels into the Odaw drain are at various stages of completion. The paper says NADMO can pull down structures in waterways, prepare safe havens and acquire a search and rescue ambulance but these will not eradicate or reduce flooding. The Times urges NADMO to get infrastructure like deep and large enough storm drains that can collect a very good volume of rainwater such that even if there is a spillover, it can easily be managed. It also calls on government to build a rain-harvesting system so that water can be collected in the dry season for various uses.

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