Agotime-Ziope MP presents 250 streetlights to his Constituents

Agotime-Ziope Member of Parliament, Charles Agbeve has presented 250 pieces of LED streetlights to his Constituents, in fulfillment of the promise he made to them to help them get rid of darkness on some of the streets perceived to be a safe haven for criminals.

The MP handed over the lights to his Constituency chairman, in the person of Alfred Eklu Odikro, and urged him and his colleagues Constituency Executives to ensure that the lights get to the selected Communities as programmed.

Chairman Alfred Odikro was grateful to the MP and pledged to do what is right for the selected Communities only “to receive their assigned lights, as scheduled”.

In all, over one hundred and fifty Communities received these lights. Some of these Communities are Agotime Afegame, Obemla, Agohome, Agbesia, Agohokpo, Adedome, Abenyinase, Wodome, Sarakope, Atsrulume, Atiave, Logonkor, Vedome, Adzorvi, Shiavi, Kpexor.

Story by Edzorna Francis Mensah

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