Second-hand underwear banned in Zambia

A non-profit organisation in Zambia has called for a ban on the importation and selling of second-hand underwear.

The national co-ordinator of Zambia National Men’s Network for Gender and Development, Nelson Banda, said that the clothes, which are popular with men and women, were a health hazard.

Despite being banned in 2017, officials never implemented it and the importation and sale of the garments goes on unabated, especially in the capital, Lusaka.

According to Mr. Banda, second-hand underwear had the potential to transmit diseases such as typhus and sexually transmitted infections.

“Zambians should not be subjected to wearing second-hand underwear that have been disposed of in other countries because they deserve decent clothing,” his statement said.

The national co-ordinator called on the authorities to protect Zambians and to help local manufacturers make cheap underwear.

Trading in second-hand clothing, known locally as “salaula”, is a source of livelihood for many unemployed Zambians.

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