UG dragged to court over ‘illegal members’ on selection committee

An alumnus of the University of Ghana has sued the institution to halt the ongoing processes aimed at finding a new Vice-Chancellor.

The plaintiff, Justice K. Ennin, a 2012 graduate of the school, believes the Selection Committee that was constituted to receive applications from persons interested in the vacancy is null and void as the tenure of two of its members has expired.

The two, Mrs. Vesta Nunoo and Prof. Baffuor Agyeman-Duah are representatives of the University Council.

” The two nominees in issue were no longer Council members under law at the material time they purported to act and continued to act as such as representatives for the purposes of selecting the new Vice-Chancellor of the University, even after their lawful tenure had terminated. The Plaintiff further says that as of July 31, 2020, the tenure of many members of the University Council had expired, and the continued membership and inclusion in the work of the university council of these members renders the activities of the council, post terminal dates’ null and void, and of no legal effect whatsoever,” the plaintiff said in his suit.

He said the attention of the University has been drawn to the situation, but it has failed to take action, hence the suit.

He added that a worrying situation may arise if immediate action is not taken to halt the operations of the committee since “all decisions emanating therefrom has been tainted by the continuing illegality and cannot legitimately undertake any assignment as a Search Committee for, a new Vice-Chancellor after their tenure had terminated.

Among the reliefs the plaintiff is seeking is a declaration that the search committee was unlawfully constituted due to the inclusion of Mrs. Vesta Nunoo and Prof. BaffuorAgyeman-Duah.

He also wants a declaration that any decision taken by the committee is null and void.

“The boards of the tertiary institutions have expired terms as of 31st May. We have collated the information and forwarded it to the ministry for the necessary action, so there is work in progress to get them reconstituted.”

“The councils are being reconstituted, so it should not take long because they are put going to be in place. The statutes of the university make provisions for any eventuality, so there is not much of a problem with that. We disagree with the argument.”

The tenure of the current Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, is expected to elapse in the next two months.

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