Ghana close to completing phase one of nuclear energy milestone

Ghana is at the final stages of phase one of the three steps in the development of nuclear energy. The final stage of phase one is the acceptance of a Programme Comprehensive Report which is before cabinet.

Accepting the report means government has made knowledgeable decision and is ready to make some financial commitment to the development of the technology for power.

It will also mean the government has decided on a country to partner within the development of the technology.

Director, Nuclear Power Institute, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Seth Debrah in an interview with GBC NEWS was optimistic that the report will be accepted following the establishment of a regulator which is Nuclear Power Regulatory Authority and an Operator, Nuclear Power Ghana.

Ghana’s agenda to add nuclear power to its energy mix has advanced since the announcement was made to that effect by former President Agyekum Kufuor during the energy crisis when he was in office.

Since then climate change has affected the country’s hydropower sources and the cost of thermal energy is becoming unbearable.

For efficient, reliable, and cheaper energy sources, nuclear power is known to be the best though it’s initially cost expensive. Due to its sensitive nature, the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA has three phases for the country to complete towards the development of nuclear energy.

Ghana is close to completing the first phase which includes a pre-feasibility study to help the country establish a strong national position by answering the question, why the technology.

The second phase entails the establishment of key organisation as well as the legal and regulatory frameworks but some of these have already been set up.

Dr. Debrah commended the Minister of Energy, Dr. Martin Opoku Prempeh for initiating one of the action points suggested in the comprehensive report. This is moving the Ghana Nuclear Power Programme Organisation from the Ministry to the Presidency.

By: Joyce Gyekye.

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