June 10, 2021 | GBC Ghana Online

The Daily Graphic calls on government to holistically look at the transport sector for it to deliver on its mandate effectively with the view to addressing the needs of the people. It says in this country the commercial transport architecture is largely owned and managed by the private sector with different groups or associations seeking to protect their different turfs and this has created problems as the groups seek to increase fares when there are fuel price increases. It is the candid opinion of the Graphic that if the public transport sector is harmonized, it will inure to the benefit of all thereby helping in productivity. The paper notes that to get an efficient transport service will require commitment to massively invest in that sector to scale up its efficient delivery. The Graphic is however glad that the new fares have taken off smoothly but requires everyone to put its shoulder to the wheel and address this major national concern, to push the country forward.

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