Wife ‘killer’ case: Court sets June 15 to rule on Lillian’s burial

The High Court in Accra presided over by Justice Rebecca Sittie has set June 15, 2021 to determine an interlocutory injunction filed by Mr. Prince Charles Dedjoe against the family of his late wife Mrs. Lillian Dedjoe.

Mr. Dedjoe is seeking a restraining order against the family from burying his late wife in his absence.

Mr. Dedjoe, a Business Executive is currently in lawful custody for the alleged murder of his wife.

In Court on Wednesday morning, Justice Rebecca Sittie read a letter sent by Counsel for the applicant, Mr. Prince Charles Dedjeo.

The letter stated that Captain Rtd Nkrabea Effah Darteh, is not well and had been advised to go to the hospital and so was seeking an adjournment to June 23, 2021 on medical grounds without any attachment whatsoever.

Counsel for the defendant, Madam Afua Brown Eyeson confirmed that she had received a copy of the letter, but added that it was a deliberate attempt to delay the court from ruling on the substantive issue regarding the funeral processes.

According to her, at the last adjourned date one of the associates of the firm, Nkrabea and Associates, represented the applicant, Mr. Prince Charles Dedjeo and requested for a short adjournment for this matter as they were served three days before the last hearing date and as a result needed more time.

Madam Eyeson continued that their request was granted so this letter is calculated to waste everybody’s time as the letterhead shows 15 associates at the law firm who can easily move this application on behalf of the lead counsel.

She then prayed the court to proceed to hear her arguments in opposition to the application, which is asking family members of the late Mrs. Lilian Dedjoe to stop with any burial processes.

Justice Rebecca Sittie gave her the go-ahead to make her case in the absence of the plaintiff’s counsel.

In her argument, she said that per the law, the body of a deceased belongs to the extended family and not the nuclear family, of which the applicant, Mr. Prince Charles Dedjoe happens to be part of.

Madam Eyeson subsequently prayed the court to dismiss the application and also award cost benefits to the family.

After listening to her submission, the Accra High Court set June 15, to rule on the matter.

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