Citi FM team engages students of Crown Prince Academy, Ah-Vee Montessori

The 2021 edition of Citi FM’s Literacy Challenge is gradually taking shape.

On June 10, 2021, Citi FM’s Literacy Challenge crew visited the Crown Prince Academy and Ah-Vee Montessori in Accra as part of its Junior High School tour.

This is part of the team’s efforts to interact with students and encourage them to partake in this year’s competition.

Some students of the schools who were elated about the competition promised to put in their entries.

“I think Ghana needs a lot of fixing, from the economy to bad roads. And this competition will help get the voices of young people out there. I believe the brand of Citi FM will also help get our voices out there, and it is exciting and refreshing” a student of Ah-Vee said.

Another student in Ah-Vee stated that “The topic is exciting, and I want to add my voice so that Ghana will change for the better. I know this challenge will definitely get our voices out there for the needed change we want”.

“Although I believe Ghana needs fixing, it is important we look within ourselves and work on ourselves. That will help us sustain whatever development or change we get from the government” a student of Crown Prince Academy stated.

“Fixing the country starts with ourselves and most of the problems in the society are created by ourselves. That is why I will be a part of this challenge because I would want to address the negative attitudes of people which is not helping the country become better” another student of Crown Prince Academy said.

About The Literacy Challenge

The Literacy Challenge, an initiative by Citi FM, seeks to engage Junior High School students in solving societal issues through writing to improve their skills.

This year’s competition is the 5th to be organized after the name of the contest was changed from the Write-Away contest to The Literacy Challenge in 2017.

The topic for the 2021 edition of ‘The Literacy Challenge’ is:

“As an aspiring presidential candidate, in not less than 600 words, write a convincing manifesto speech that is intended to fix the country and bring hope to political governance.”

The deadline for submission of entries is Friday, June 25, 2021.

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