Policy makers must focus on developing entrepreneurial skills

The Director of the Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC), Benjamin Gyan Kesse, is of the view that entrepreneurs will excel if they get the needed support, in terms of skills development and infrastructure from policymakers.

Speaking on the virtual forum of the Citi Business Festival, Mr. Kesse pointed out that the main challenges hindering young entrepreneurs in the country from realising their full potential are the lack of skills development and financing, which can be easily tackled by policymakers.

“As much as we are doing more, I think we need to also focus more on skills development, the financing and the technology that will help and be able to meet the quality and the quantity because most of the guys [entrepreneurs] doing the good stuff are not able to scale up because they do not have all that they need to be able to move to the next level.”

“We are looking for funding, but we are not getting [it]. Financing, technology, skills development, and also the infrastructure to support is something that we can do to aid those who are already in the field and also encourage others who want to come to this stage,” he said.

KIC seeks to empower entrepreneurs by transforming their ideas into viable, self-sustaining businesses.

They also assist small businesses to scale up and reach their full potential.

Mr. Kesse said, although his outfit had begun a few initiatives to assist young entrepreneurs, it will take the intervention of policymakers for them to meet their aspirations.

“KIC is supporting young entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions. We do not even get that much engagement from policymakers. Young entrepreneurs are always approaching the Ministry of Finance, and they are not getting support.”

The forum, which aired live on Citi TV and on social media, was themed: ‘Feeding Ghana with a sound import substitution strategy.’


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