Security Expert calls for CCTV Footage on Bullion Van robbers

Security Analyst, Adib Sani, is calling for the release of the CCTV footage if available to help in unraveling the mystery behind and also facilitate the arrest of perpetrators of the Bullion Van Day Light Robbery which occurred at Adedeinkpo, a Suburb of Jamestown in Accra yesterday.

The incident resulted in the death of two persons, a Police escort and an onlooker. The driver of the Bullion Van, who was shot and injured is said to be battling for his life at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

Speaking on BEHIND THE NEWS, Mr. Sani asserted that Ghana has the most circulated Close Circuit Television Cameras in the country’s history and it is critical for the authorities to release the footage to facilitate the arrest of the criminals.

He also spoke of the recently launched National Security Strategy, indicating that implementing and resourcing are key to achieving the set target.

Do all robberies have a motivation? According to Security Analyst Adib Sani, they do and that is what propels criminals to go on the rampage. He described yesterday’s Bullion Van Robbery as NOT surprising because the issue of motivation for robberies are NOT being dealt with.

He warned that the crime situation in the country may be dire because the criminals seem to be getting more sophisticated by the day.

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