Achimota School trying to prolong court case with appeal


The lawyer for one of the Rastafarian boys in the Achimota School dreadlocks saga, Wayoe Ghanamannti, says the school’s decision to appeal the judgment of the court is an attempt to protract the case.

The Board of governors of Achimota School, on Tuesday, announced that they will seek to overturn the High court’s decision which enjoins them to admit the students in spite of their dreadlocks.

Speaking to Citi News, Wayoe Ghanamannti, who represents Oheneba Nkrabea in court is certain that the appeal will not affect the current judgment.

“It is clear that the Board of Achimota School now intends to take all of us into the protracted trial or legal dispute. In the administration of justice, the appeal is outright. So on that score, we don’t have a problem. The only difficulty we have here is the basis and the content of the appeal. That is the most important thing because if you intend to appeal a legal ruling, certain important matters must arise. For instance, have new issues, or new facts or new evidence arisen upon which you feel that had those matters been raised during the hearing, it would have changed the verdict in your favour?”

“Appealing doesn’t mean that ruling has been terminated. The ruling can only be terminated when an appeal is properly processed, put before the courts, the parties appear before it, move the motion and motion is opposed. Then the Appellate Court will consider the argument on that level. and come to a determination on whether or not set aside this ruling or to uphold it and that’s a journey now.”

He further stated that because the ruling stands, if there is any resistance to the ruling, legal action will be taken.

“The desire to appeal does not terminate or affect the current ruling as it stands so the applicant will take steps to bring the ruling into fusion by giving it effect by going to Achimota School. When we finally go out there and there is resistance because they intend to appeal, then we will look at what the legal implications of that will be and take the legal steps,” he added.

Mr. Ghanamannti added that he hopes to receive the certified-true copy of the court’s decision soon to force the school to comply with the verdict.

“I was finding out from the officers of the court this morning, and I think the judgment is still not ready because the judge has still not handed it over to the typist to do the final typing for the judge to sign it, so persons who are affected in the matter or who are involved in the matter can request for a copy. So, our clerk is standing by and we are ready to request copies of this judgment and others contained therein also. The moment we get it, we will proceed to go to the school with our applicant.”

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