Agbogbloshie: Head potters lay down tools in protest


On a visit by our News team to the Agbogbloshie market for the latest after the relocation of traders, the head porters at the market are refusing to work, in protest against their relocation from the market.

At the time of the visit to Agbogbloshie market, most of the head porters who on normal working days would be seen carrying goods to and fro in the streets, markets and lorry stations were not in sight.

The few who were spotted by our cameras were idling about.

Some traders at the Agbogbloshie market who pleaded anonymity, told our reporter that shoppers and traders heavily relied on the services of head porters who carry their loads for a fee.

She said the head porters come in handy to carry their loads to places that vehicles cannot access hence their absence has rendered traders and shoppers helpless.

A few steps to the settlement of the head porters, saw them sitting with their colleagues and children, hopeless and confused.

The head porters told GBC news that the scrap dealers asked them not to work as a demonstration of their protest against their relocation from the Agbogbloshie market.

They said head porters who attempted to work were whipped by the scrap dealers. When contacted, the scrap dealers refuted the allegations made by the head porters.

The head porters emphasized that the scrap dealers had informed them of the government’s decision to evict head porters together with scrap dealers from Agbogbloshie markets hence the need to lay down their tools in protest from Monday 5th July till further notice.

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