BPS blames ECG for electrocution of man at Taifa; says family can sue


The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS), has blamed the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), for the electrocution of a 23-year-old man at Taifa Burkina in Accra on Tuesday.

Yanick Agyeman was electrocuted after coming into contact with an electricity pole, deemed harmless until recent repair works by the power company.

The Bureau says the failure of ECG to erect warning signs around the electricity pole amounted to a breach of its own ethics.

“It is not only required of ECG to provide warning signs but actually put in place proper systems such as barriers that will come between unauthorized people having access to those wiring and electrical systems. If the barrier and warning system was not in place, that constitutes a gross violation, for which ECG should be admitting guilt and seeking to build bridges between themselves and the family of the deceased.”

While urging ECG to take pragmatic steps to ensure such incidents are curbed, Nana Yaw Akwadaa asked the family to try seeking legal action to seek justice.

“The family can seek redress in court. They can seek the services of a lawyer. They can write to the company if the company admits that indeed that their negligence led to the death. If the company decides to go the long haul, it might end up in court and there will be no way ECG will escape culpability. I also pray that the court fines them heavily so that it will serve as a deterrent to others to prevent these needless deaths from occurring.”

The family of the deceased said the electricity pole that caused his death had been insulated and left unattended until a recent repair work by the ECG which left the pole exposed.

The family alleged that until the incident, no warning sign had been erected to caution residents of the dangers of the high voltage pylon.

They have thus vowed to take legal action against ECG.

“They said because of the muddy area, he slipped, and he decided to hold the metal electricity pole as support, so he doesn’t fall down. The thing electrocuted him, and those around were just looking at him. The pole wasn’t naked earlier, but now it is naked…I am going to take this case up. I am the only person left now. We are going to pursue the case. Nobody expected this. We will sit down as a family and arrange for the funeral,” the brother of the deceased said.

Last month, seven persons were electrocuted at Amanfrom, a farming community in the Asutifi South District of the Ahafo Region.

A rainstorm at the time caused damage to several electrical poles, with live wires exposed.

The victims were believed to have touched iron gates and metal objects and were electrocuted.

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