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Burial Service turns to Marathon zone as dead person appeared with a travelling bag

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The burial service of a deceased person at Kongelai in west Pokot has turned into a dramatic scene after a man who was thought to have died suddenly returned home with his travelling bad during burial.

Per reports, the ‘dead living’ man, Kangrok Muriumeler had gone missing for weeks after making a trip to Nairobi. All efforts made by his family in search of him amount to nothing.

His family later received reports from a vegetable vendor at Kongelai market that Kangrok’s body had been found decomposing near the market. This compelled the family to begun preparing for his funeral rite.

The family concluded that the male body was their relative who had gone missing for weeks. Kangrok Muriumeler who was a livestock trader later retured during his funral rite. The sympathizers who had gathered at the home of the “dead man” were forced to run for their lives without looking back.

Muriumeler who later cleared doubts said, he was actually alive and not dead. Despite his explanation to the family, they could not understand and believe it, a thing that has left him in shock.

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Source Ghananews.org

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