Couples Arrested for beating their 4-year child to death (See Reason)

Couple Arrested For Beating Their 4-Year-Old Daughter To Death For Bed-wetting

Two people have been arrested in Enchi-Yakase by the police in the Western North Region for the fatal beating of Salome Oteku, 27, and her husband Effah Davidson, 34, for bedwetting.

According to reports, Salome and Effah beat their 4-year-old daughter from dawn to dawn until she passed out.

According to the investigation, the suspects also scalded their daughter’s backside by forcing her to sit in hot water to prevent her from repeatedly bedwetting.

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The Enchi Police Divisional Commander, ACP Henry Bacho, confirmed the incident to Adom News’ Augustine Boah, saying the parents tried to rush the kid to Aowin Community Clinic, but she died before they arrived.

When Salome and Davidson tried to bury their daughter in their room, they were stopped by suspicious neighbors who raised the alarm. The police were dispatched to the site, and the pair was arrested right away.

The couple has confessed to the crime as the body of the child has been deposited at the Enchi Government Hospital for autopsy.

A 4 year child beaten to death because of bed wetting
A 4 year child beaten to death because of bed wetting

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