Heads of Assisted Senior High Schools in Tamale push to unravel mystery behind persistent fire outbreaks at Saint Charles SHS


By: Mutala Issah.

Heads of Assisted Senior High Schools in Tamale have called on students of the Saint Charles Minor Seminary to support efforts to unravel the mystery of fire outbreaks in the school.

At a meeting with the student’s management body, the Northern Regional Chairman of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Senior High Schools, Rev. Edward Azeka expressed concern about the perennial fire outbreaks and its impact on academic work.

He is also worried about the psychological effect of such disasters on students and staff of the school.

Saint Charles Minor Seminary Senior High School is ranked highest among Senior High Schools in the Northern Region.

Since 2017, the school has suffered at least 5 major fire outbreaks, averaging one fire outbreak per year. The fires have over the years destroyed some dormitories displacing more than 500 students.

The school has cut down admissions from 560 students per year to less than 200 students per year, as a result of the disaster.

Rev Azeka told the students to;

‘’to remain vigilant and help with information that will enable the school authorities to unravel the mystery, surrounding the persistent fire outbreaks that is causing so much damage to academic work’’ stated Rev. Azeka.

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