HR Leaders brainstorm amidst harsh effects of Covid-19


Director of Alica Consulting Limited, Andy Okrah

By Jonathan Thompson.

Human Resource Practitioners in the country have held an HR Leaders Strategic Conference with the aim of standardizing the profession to revive organizations and businesses from the harsh effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on corporate Ghana and the national economy.

The maiden edition of the 2-day Conference brought together HR Practitioners from different organizations to deliberate on improving the practice to boost organizational growth.

It was also meant to highlight the significance of the HR Profession to the revival of organizations which have suffered downturns as a result of the pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating toll on organizations and businesses which have had to lay off workers or readjust the working schedules, conditions and modes of working for staff.

Some businesses have had to cut salaries of workers due to the financial strains of Covid -19 on them. These current situations have necessitated the redefining of the Human Resource Practice in managing workers of organizations.

The maiden Human Resource Leaders Strategic Conference was organized to address such situations and look at advanced ways of adapting to the new change of working environments.

Director of Alica Consulting Limited, organizers of the Conference, Andy Okrah talks more about the objectives of the conference.

“We have been thinking critically on how to help prepare human resource professionals to meet a new demand, we are here to learn from colleague HR professionals, role models, to treat various critical themes or topics bordering on post Covid challenges and prospects”.

One major challenge that came up at the deliberations was how HR Managers can manage workers who have to work from home due to new COVID safety measures.

Special Guest of Honour, who is also the Director of HR at the Bank of Ghana, Gloria Quartey said, ‘’such challenges can be solved by taking advantage of modern technology like zoom and other electronic means of communication to monitor and synergize the working relationship between HR Managers and staff who work from home’’.

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