“I am well by his Grace” – Van Vicker debunk car accident rumour

Ghanaian actor and movie director, Van Vicker, has debunked a death video rumour as a result of a car crash making the rounds on social media.

Some insensitive people are circulating a video that is supposed to be where Van Vicker had an accident and supposedly died as a result of that.

The video is supposed to sympathize with friends and loved ones over the demise of Van Vicker, claiming his smiles will be missed.

Well, Van Vicker has reacted to that, saying he has never been involved in any accident as the video circulating claims.

Taking to his Instagram page, the actor says that he has not been involved in any accident and that he is not dead.

He said; “I would habitually overlook yet another ‘death video’ of me made by insensitive people; however, this particular one is making sensational circulation hence my post.

I am well by HIS GRACE. I have not been involved in any accident, neither am I dead. Perish the thought.

There has to be a way to disallow such lunacies, faux news, sensationalism and or impassivity via social media.

Millions of people around the globe experience some form of trauma whilst watching these videos. Social media is such an excellent tool but yet”

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