I support ban on use of firearms at Festivals, etc – Adam Bonaa


Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa

By: Nathaniel Nartey

Security Analyst Adam Bonaa has added his voice to calls on why it is necessary for the government to ban the firing of live bullets during Festivals and other occasions.

His comments follow the killing of a 9-year-old boy in Awutu Senya in the Central Region, in similar circumstances where live bullets were fired.

Speaking to GBC News, Mr. Bonaa said such a ban is feasible and should be done for at least a year till the situation is under control.

“The law requires that before you display any firearm you should have a license, but unfortunately in the past during festive occasions like festivals, funerals live bullets are fired and largely 99% of it have only gun powder so didn’t have anything lethal and so even if it was fired towards you the chances are that you might get some burns depending on how close the discharge was to you”.

“Unfortunately these days you see cartridges either in pump action guns, sidearms, single barrel firearms, and all these things for me have become a challenge and people have lost their lives. I would say we have gotten to a point where there should be a fiat either by the IGP or the Interior Minister to ban the use of firearms in these celebrations of any kind, till such a time that we can have a full grip on the situation”, Security Analyst Adam Bonaa stated.

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