July 9, 2021 | GBC Ghana Online


The Daily Graphic says initiative by the National Peace Council to deepen national unity needs the support of all.  It believes the National Peace Council must extend its efforts to ensure social cohesion and peace in the country. The paper says recent happenings at Ejura in the Ashanti and Wa in the Upper West region show the need for peaceful communities and co-existence between communities and the police or soldiers on particular missions within areas. The Graphic notes that it is becoming very obvious that government needs to ensure that the council is well funded to carry out its mandate effectively, more especially at a time when the country is witnessing pockets of violence around the country.

Ghanaian Times says safety in the Gulf of Guinea is not negotiable. It is for this reason that the International Maritime Bureau says it is worried about the latest statistics which confirm the increased capabilities of pirates in the Gulf of Guinea with more and more attacks taking place further from the coast. It says the trend can only be resolved through increased information exchange and coordination between vessels and reporting and response agencies in the Gulf of Guinea region. The Times says governments in the area and other stakeholders should secure the required inter-national cooperation to stop crimes being perpetrated in the region to forestall the safety of vessels and crew. This will give families of farers and their companies peace of mind and above all create the congenial atmosphere for international trade especially the maritime aspects.

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