June 4, 2021


The Ghanaian Times appeals to government to help resolve challenges in the mobile telephony space due to its invaluable importance to Ghanaians. It says service providers complain that taxes and spectrum costs have stifled growth and new firms continue to struggle for financing due to government’s withdrawal of the extra spectrum provided to Vodafone and MTN telecommunications as a result of COVID-19. The Paper is happy that the President admits there is the need to improve the digital platforms and that his government intends to embark on a national broadband development programme with special focus on providing total connectivity to communities in the country. The Times believes when the challenges in telecommunications are solved, there will be better services for increased patronage and more job opportunities in the pursuit of national development.

The Daily Graphic revisits the issue of okada. The paper expresses worry over the commercial use of motorcycle for commercial business. The paper says even though it is not legal, motorcycle used to convey fare-paying passengers has spiked in the country, with an attendant increase in accidents on roads, many of them ending in very serious injuries. It says the use of motorcycle became more pronounced in the 2020 elections. While the opposition party NDC promised to legalise the use of motor cycle for commercial use, the NPP promised to enable Okada riders to acquire vehicles instead of engaging in the illegal business. The Graphic says government is primarily responsible for the life of every Ghanaian, and the loss of lives should make duty bearers sit up, since the okada menace seems to have no end in sight and is killing and maiming innocent citizens every now and then. The paper says it is time everybody took that bold decision on okada to save life.

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