MMDCEs must be put on 6-months probation


By: Nathaniel Nartey

Governance Analyst Fred Oduro has agreed with calls by the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey and sections of the public that Metropolitan, Municipal or District Chief Executives, MMDCEs should be given 6-month probation, before their appointments are confirmed.

This means the MMDCEs must achieve their set targets, prior to being confirmed. Proponents of such calls say such a move will ensure productivity. However, Mr. Oduro is hopeful that instead of focusing on the first 6-months, alone, assessments for MMDCEs should be institutionalized.

“It is definitely affecting performance at the local level because MMDCEs as we know have the responsibility of ensuring the day to day administration of the Assemblies. I think over the years, Performance Management has not been taken seriously so if we will set certain standards that before you can continue your work beyond the 6months you need to meet target ABC clearly spelt out then there is a fair assessment, those who cannot meet it are kicked out.”

“I think we should make it an annual affair that at the end of every year their performance should be assessed.” Governance Analyst Fred Oduro stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Oduro says it is possible to have a total ban on granting public lands to private individuals. This follows calls by the government to place a ban on the activity. Mr. Oduro says although possible, it will require strong political will to get it done.

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