Pantang hospital urges LaNMA to expedite court action against encroachers


The management of the Pantang Hospital has appealed to the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly to speed up court processes to allow for the demolishing of some structures impeding the construction of a fence wall around the Hospital.

After being given a deadline to work on the wall, the Deputy Director in charge of administration at the Hospital, Collins Kesse, said “the structures need to be demolished before he can continue on the fence wall.”

The National Labour Commission in July had ordered the Ministry of Health to ensure the completion of a fence wall around the hospital within 2 months.

This was after protests by the staff of the facility concerning the encroachment on the hospital’s land and security threats.

The staff had even gone on an indefinite strike in June.

The Ministry of Interior was also tasked to provide security for the staff in the interim.

But some of the supposed encroachers are contesting the ownership of that parcel of land.

“We need to get a court order for those properties to be demolished,” Mr. Kesse said.

The La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly was thus tasked to initiate legal processes to establish the owners of the land.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much from the municipal assembly with regard to the court order that is seeking to ensure that those structures impeding the construction of the fence wall are demolished,” Mr. Kesse said.

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