Pressure mounts on Coup Leaders in Guinea to return Country to immediate constitutional rule


By: Nathaniel Nartey

UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierres, the African Union and ECOWAS have all condemned the coup detat in Guinea, demanding the immediate release of ousted President Alpha Condé and calling for the immediate return to constitutional rule.

The group of Military men involved in the coup has formed what they call the National Committee for Reconciliation and Development to oversee the formation of a new government in Guinea. The coup sparked jubilation in Conakry, an indication of support for the coup leaders by a section of the people. The Coup in Guinea is the fourth in West Africa in just over a year.

There have been two military takeovers in Mali and a failed attempt in Niger since August 2020. GBC NEWS has been speaking to some International Relations Experts for explanations on why Military Coup d’etats appear to be rearing their ugly heads in the sub-region. International Relations Expert Dr Rashid Pelpuo told Nathaniel Nartey that the situation in Guinea is a clear indication of the failure of democracies in the sub-region.

UN Security Advisor Dr Emmanuel Bombande shared similar sentiments. In diagnosing the cause of the recent coup attempts in the Sub-region, Dr Bombande pointed to the neglect of certain protocols put in place by ECOWAS and the AU to prevent such occurrences.

For his part, Security and Foreign Policy Analyst, Professor Vladimir Antwi Danso spoke about a trend in some Francophone countries where Presidents who have finished their terms in power, change the constitution to enable them to run for a third term, describing the situation as worrying.

He said the new constitution proposed by the National Committee for Reconciliation and Development needs public support for it to materialize.

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