Scrap Dealers go scavenging, as unauthorized structures are demolished at Odorkor Post Office


By Rachel Kakraba.

The Ablekuma North Municipal Assembly and personnel from the Police Service have demolished unauthorized structures around the Odorkor Post Office, in Accra.

The exercise took place at dawn, and the Assembly said it was to get rid of criminals who have taken over the area in the last two years.

At the time of visit by GBC NEWS, traders who say they have lost their livelihoods looked on helplessly, while others tried to salvage some property. It was a field day for scrap dealers as they scavenged for scraps. Some of the traders who spoke to GBC News said;

”Even though they informed us about the exercise, the demolition took us by surprise,’’.

Another person said, ‘’everything is gone! I have been here for years, now I have to rent another place, they destroyed everything’’.

“They destroyed everything’’ stated another affected person.

The Municipal Engineer, Felix Tetteh, told GBC NEWS that structures on land close to the area were earmarked for demolition by the Assembly for a project two years ago, but, the exercise which has been delayed over a court issue, caused traders and squatters to relocate to the land nearby.

“Last two years we did the same exercise, we cleared them, two years now they have moved, so we gave them a warning about a month ago, and a final warning two weeks ago, so they are aware’’, the Municipal Engineer said.

According to Mr. Tetteh, the Assembly had many calls of criminal activities around the area hence the need for the exercise to get rid of criminals but not over who possesses the land. He maintained that the shop-owners are aware of the exercise, as a result of which there would be no compensation for victims.

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