Security Analyst calls for high alert to foil any potential terrorist attack


Security Analyst, Adam Bonah says though no country can claim to have the full mechanism to foil any potential terrorist attack, certain measures must always be in place to forestall such attacks.

Mr. Bonah said by so doing, the country would have ensured adequate preparation to halt any form of attack by anyone or group of people. Speaking to GBC NEWS, Mr. Bonah said every country should be able to identify what could trigger attacks or terrorism of any kind.

Citizens, Mr. Bonah said, should also be alert and well educated to identify possible terrorist attacks.

Mr. Bonah said the security agencies should be vigilant and coordinate plans to foil any potential attacks.

He said problems of unemployment and other unaddressed issues need to be critically looked at if terrorism is to be curbed.

Still on ways to curb terrorist attacks on the country, a Security Analyst and Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism specialist, Adib Saani, says it is very important to take a critical look at what pushes and motivate people to engage in terrorism.

Mr. Saani said if people do not get access to basic needs of life and religious differences are not addressed properly, it brings about the urge to engage in acts of terrorism.

In an interview with GBC NEWS, Mr. Saani said government needs to provide the people with their needs, else they could be lured into such unproductive acts.

Mr. Saani, suggested that local indigenes be involved, especially at the borders to help in monitoring and identifying what could trigger terrorism on the country. Citizens, he said must also get involved to complement the effort of the security agencies.

By Gloria Agbemasi Davordzie.

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