Security Analysts caution against possible spill over of Afgan-Taliban skirmishes in Africa


By; Nathaniel Nartey.

Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa, has cautioned against a potential spill-over of the victory by the Taliban in Afghanistan into Africa.

The Taliban has claimed victory in Afghanistan, closing an almost 20-year chapter of US- led coalition presence in the country.

Mr. Bonaa says Boko Haram might take advantage of the victory by the Taliban to exert more influence in Nigeria and wondered why ECOWAS and the UN have remained silent on the matter.

He sent an SOS message to ECOWAS to strategize early to avert any possible spill over into Africa.

”How prerpared are we, all hands must be in deck. I know that the US would not have been able to sustain the situstion. There would be a lot of concerns, anger, harrassment, killings, etc.,” he said with a lot of concern.

Meanwhile, Security Analyst, David Agbee has described the decision by US President Joe Biden to pull out its troops from Afghanistan amid the chaos in that country as crucial.

He said the pull out of US troops from Afghanistan will not escalate the already tense situation.

”Lives and property have however been saved by President Joe Biden’s response.”

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