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Side Chicks are the major reasons a lot of men are still married – Blessing Okoro

Relationship expert Blessing Okoro Nkiruka who is also known as Blessing CEO has revealed that side chicks are the major backbone holding many marriage in the world today.

According to her, a lot of men marry women that they want but not women that they love so in their marriage, they can fall in love with another woman.

She further argued that men marry women that are ready and there are some men that are financially stable and want to get married but they have not necessarily seen the woman that they love but they have just seen the one that they want or their mother or aunty recommended a little bit of wife material.

“In many part of the world, a lot of men are looking for women that they can control, order and subject and they called them wife materials and they marry her. Then when they marry these women and make them wives, they begin to complain, my wife does do this and that, she is too quiet, my wife does not contribute, she does not bring anything to the table, that is where the side chicks come in.”

“When this married men go out and see and an independent and intelligent woman who can hold her own, they fall in love. Side chick are not prostitutes but rather women with integrity, intelligent and independent but they don’t have men. She said.”

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