Staff of Pantang Hospital threaten to lay down tools over safety concerns


Staff of the Pantang Hospital in Accra have threatened to lay down their tools on Monday, June 28, 2021.

They said the move is in protest of what they describe as the neglect of their safety by the government.

According to the association of over 700 health workers at the facility, their safety has been jeopardized, and they are at risk due to the encroachment of their lands by private individuals who sometimes attack them in their line of duty.

The spokesperson for the joint union executives at the Pantang Hospital, Elvis Akuamoah said the health workers will embark on an indefinite strike begning Monday until the government constructs a fence wall around the hospital.

“The fact that the entire hospital is not walled is posing a lot of security challenges and the staff through their unions have decided that from Monday, they are leaving their workplace, and they have declared the place as a danger to their life.”

Elvis Akuamoah said there have been many incidents of robbery and burglary at the hospital with staff being victims, adding that no one has been arrested or prosecuted yet.

“There are so many instances of burglary, near-rape incidents, robbery of electronic gadget at knife-point, and all of these have been reported to the Adentan police yet not a single crime has been resolved, and it keeps going on and making the workplace very unsafe.”

Last year, staff of the hospital gave a similar indication over the same matter.

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