Strike by Universities’ Senior Staff Assoc. intensify as more departments join


The Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana, has extended its ongoing strike to include other departments under its umbrella that were exempted from the action.

According to the Association, the earlier decision was to provide the government an opportunity to address their concerns, which include demands for improved conditions of service and the payment of outstanding Tier-2 pension contributions.

However, the group says the government has been unresponsive to their demands, hence their current decision.

Members of the Association in hospitals, basic schools, fire service, and Anatomy departments across the country are to lay down their tools from today [Friday, June 4, 2021]

“We have extended the strike to cover those who were exempted since May 18”, National President of the Association, Zakaria Mohammed disclosed.

The leadership of the Association, on Tuesday, met a delegation from the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations to look into their demands for the payment of their outstanding Tier-2 pension contributions and improved conditions of service, but that meeting ended inconclusively.

The industrial action commenced after the Association claimed the government had consistently failed to address their concerns.

Among other things, they are asking for the payment of market premiums and non-basic allowances as well as the finalisation of negotiations for their conditions of service.

The Association previously held a strike in January, 2021, but its members returned to work in February after the National Labour Commission (NLC) secured an injunction compelling them to resume their duties while negotiations with government continued.


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